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Kiln Dried Lumber

Premium Lumber Products

Spruce Products kiln dried lumber is available in standard lengths and widths. Northern grown Spruce and Pine is cut to specifications in the state of the art sawmill and kiln dried to produce a premium lumber product that is durable, light and long lasting. Spruce Products kiln dried lumber is used by building firms throughout North America and the world.

Quality Kiln dried lumber manufactured is available in 6 foot to 16 foot lengths. All lumber is graded under the supervision of Central Forest Products Association.

SPL Sawmill Product List

1x4 - 6' to 16'
1x6 - 6' to 16'
2x4 - 6' to 16'
2x6 - 6' to 16'
2x8 - 6' to 16'
2x10- 6' to 16'