Spruce Products Limited

Spruce Products Limited (SPL) is a manufacturer of premium lumber and wood products for the construction industry and the integrated wood products industry. Using the latest technology available, every aspect of the log is used in the product lines. SPL has being supplying products for Canadian and International markets since 1942.

In addition to being a major employer in the area, Spruce Products is also a strong member of the community and provides support to numerous organizations and local events each year.

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Premium Lumber and Wood Products

Lumber Products

Spruce Products Kiln Dried Lumber is produced from northern grown Spruce and Pine is cut to specifications….

Wood Chips

A key goal in the operations at Spruce Products is to achieve utilization of all timber that is harvested…..

Wood Shavings

Wood shavings from the planer mill are captured, screened and bagged. This results in a very high….

Premium Softwood Pellets

Our pellets work well in residential pellet stoves and offer low ash content. The product is double screened …